The Botanical Gardens

I set out to create a garden dream, inspired by the gardens I've had the pleasure to visit in the past. I wanted to make it feel alien, so I used patches where the plants have unnatural colors.

I bit off more than I could chew. Originally I wanted the garden to be shaped like a flower, with a different theme for each petal. The trouble is filling up that space with unique patches. I didn't have enough different items to fill that space, at least until I recolor a bunch of assets. So a lot of the space is closed off for now.

Dick sculpture garden

I collect silicone dildos, so I set out to display a few of them as sculptures inside the garden. What? It's totally normal for collectors to show off their dicks. And I photographed them when they were squeaky clean. You knew what could be waiting ahead you visited a FurN map!

Patch credits

    Indigo Nightfall’s Nightmare Hotel Patch for plants and furniture
  • Isles of Ever patch for many of the purple/blue items
  • Teahouse roof, doors, and bamboo thumper by Weremagnus
  • Flower bushes by Hansjörg Malthaner
  • Bamboo by Krindus
  • Mushrooms by Surt on Opengameart
  • Mushrooms by Slang
  • Matching flower set by Rzrcoon at OGA
  • Jungle foliage by Pistachio at OGA