Ruins of a house in the jungle

My goal is to create dreams that feel unique, and minimize the use of patches that have been shared previously. Most patches on Roamheart use Furcadia's old, limited color palette and don't use the full potential of 32-bit color. Short of drawing all the art myself, I've been scouring free use video game assets and public image collections.

One asset set that stood out to me was Mushy, a set of tiles resulting from training a neural network on OpenGameArt's library of game tiles. The tiles are just the right size to use in Furcadia.

Glitchland is a distorted dreamland full of objects that vaguely resemble those in our world. Along the way, you may encounter animal friends (editted from photos I've taken) who'll teach you transformation spells.


The Mushy tileset is free for anybody to use on I will be uploading a patch soon.