My Roamheart folder can be found here.

Dark Ruins

Dark Ruins by Cethiel. The colosseum has been split into a whole, back floor, and right and left columns items to increase immersion when a furre is walking through. The stairs occupy multiple tiles - you will need to put invisible items in the tiles that they aren't centered on to simulate players going up on all the sections.

Glitch tiles


Patch based on the Mushy, neural network generated tileset.

Jungle Plants

Pixel art jungle plants by Pistachio on OGA.

Rzrcoon's flowers

Pixel flowers by Rzrcoon on OGA.

Night Sky tiles

An edit of the FurN night sky tiles to be blue.

Nirdia Mountains

Nirdia's mountains, converted to a Furcadia patch.

Pen and Paper City

Hand-drawn black and white city builder tiles by Withering Systems.

Widelands plants

Autumn trees, crops, and waterlilies from the game Widelands.