Past experiences have left me with a fear of being "cringey" if I give away too much on my profile.

Anyone may interact with me, but I reserve the right to stop further interaction if you annoy me or scare me. As Rico Nasty put it, "my block list poppin'".

I do not base my identity on whether I approve or disapprove of deriving emotional gratification from certain fictional relationships or judging what cartoon porn people jerk off to. I believe that everybody has different limits to what they will tolerate in works of fiction and the tastes of other people. I don't think a disgust reaction is a good substitute to figuring out if something causes material harm.

Sometimes things that are uncomfortable or disgusting are necessary for a greater good. Like cleaning a guinea pig's butt when it gets clogged. Yeah that happens.

I find that mocking benign subcultures is a good indicator of people I don't want to hang out with. Of course "harmless" is up for debate but come on. Also, holding things against people that they can't easily change, like what country they were born in or who their parents are.

Mentally, I'm perpetually standing on a glass pane over an abyss of horrors, or perhaps someone trapped in the Matrix. I admit I don't know much at all.

I divide the world into "hard" and "soft" people. But it's more complicated than you think.

I like to remain mysterious, to make people work for it if they want to unlock my backstory. oooOOOOooo