Perhaps I took it too far...

Once upon a time, I was deep into the fantasy dildo community, on the cutting edge of indie makers of uh, fantasy dongs. We shared reviews and custom pours and ragged on Bad Dragon for copying indie companies. I ended up buying way more dildos than I would ever need because they were just so pretty.

I posted photos of my collection of silicone art on Tumblr. But then, Tumblr decided to nuke sexual content and I was left with a blog where a good number of the posts were hidden.

So here's an index of my toy collection. Everything's under construction. Meanwhile, take a look at the Tumbex backup of my toy tag.

Bad Dragon

The flagship dildo fantasy dildo maker. They used to be more pervy in their descriptions and art, but something happened.

  • Alexandrite Flint the Studded Dragon
  • Hanns the Mandrake (floral colors)
  • Hanns the Mandrake (Alexandrite)
  • Pretzal the Quetzal
  • Xar

Blue Ritual

A short-lived maker with constellation-themed toys. Sadly out of business. Some of their models were sold to different companies.

  • TFP Megatron Pyxis
  • Copper and White Leonis

Damn Average

Damn Average was a shop that specialized in marbled pours and squishy silicone animals that included frogs, sheep, and snails. Due to the owner's health issues, the shop has been closed.

  • Wine-colored Jupiter Above Average Alien
  • Dawn Average Alien
  • Hallow Night Cucumber
  • Purple and cream Drop
  • Jav (old model)
  • Ocean Lumpy F'er
  • Chocolate Ministang
  • 80s Pocket Penis
  • Chocolate Rattler
  • Rainbow Rattler
  • Sunrise Reef
  • Off the Bone Stubbs
  • Purple and seafoam Mini Stubbs
  • Water landscape Taf
  • Darth Maul Tyrant
  • Harvest Tentacle
  • Sandy Beach Troll

Exotic Erotics

Company with beautiful fantasy sculpts that include a mecha and high fantasy collection. Known for their guided surprises and intricate hand-painted customs. They also sell lifecast toys, if you're into that sort of thing.

  • 80s Wraith

Frisky Beast

Frisky Beast was a toy company that specialized in prehistoric-themed toys and kegel eggs. Ater the owner fell ill, customer service became a mess, and the company's designs were sold to Twin Tail Creations, and many designs were never reprinted. It's a shame because they had so many cool designs. I was lucky enough to get a whole bunch of their models!

  • Thermochromic blue Cave Bear
  • Portal Cryolophosaurus
  • Soundwave Cybersaur
  • Fiery Deinonychus
  • Green Diabloceratops
  • Constructicon Drone
  • Phantom Electrofox
  • Black Ice Hyena
  • Pink Iguanodon
  • Metallic Mechanical Animal
  • Confetti Heart Mosasaur
  • Unicron Pocket Port
  • Pink Lemonade Sabertooth
  • Arcee Snowbird
  • Brood Eggs

Rock, Paper, Tentacles

Short-lived indie maker that made one notable design - the twin tenacled Riptide.

  • Witch's Brew Riptide

Simply Elegant Glass

Creators of beautiful abstract glass toys. Once in a while they'll sell canine dildos.

  • Pink and blue wand
  • Saturn-like buttplug

Ttamage - Conscious Creations

A glass studio in Washington State that makes kegel balls, tentacles, and other massagers in a distinctive style that calls to mind glass marbles. Ask about custom orders!

  • Green glass tentacle
  • Bumpy hourglass massager

Xenova Synthesis

AKA Slick's Dicks. Giger Alien-inspired stuff and aquatic creatures. Not currently selling stuff.

  • Blue wave pickle
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