Turmoil's house

Goat-cubines lounging around in their shared quarters

Turmoil's House was the first dream I created for Furcadia. It's a patchwork of using mostly artwork from Furrabian Nights, and it doesn't run perfectly. Perhaps I will revisit it in the future.

Turmoil is a character from the IDW Transformers comics. I created a story where he has a house full of concubines in the shape of goat robots. Perhaps they were all once Autobot defectors who got a makeover. As expected from such a premise, it's very kinky. Like "adult nursing" and "sapient livestock" kinky.

Turmoil's bedroom

In my head, Turmoil's concubines have children with him (cause robot sex makes babies obviously), but I couldn't show that in the dream for obvious reasons.

You can find the dream in the bathhouse section of Furrabian Nights, when it's up. I ought to make a video for people who can't be bothered to download Furcadia...

Patch credits

Nubian Goat avatar by Vai. Turmoil bathroom sink edited by an item by Weremagnus. Stairs and stoop toilet by Scuzy, edited by me. Standing mirror by Kaelin'yFiae. Beach chairs and beach umbrellas edited from the Rameen Festival Patch. Towels and floatie by Deathdog. Various items in Turmoil’s room by Tacoma and Fuzzysandwich.