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Mirror and candle by AngelicHellRaiser on Deviantart!

Beauty comes from the inside
and so does ugliness!
Yet, make-up is my armour, Dear,
and I must hide my face.
One and one is sometimes three
sometimes nothing at all,
all is mortal, all is vain ...
And mortal things must fall!

Lady Darigan reflected in the mirror, before and after the curse


There was once a citadel in the sky with dark spires jutting into the clouds. The citadel and the surrounding lands were once protected by the magic of a golden orb, which was stolen by another kingdom. This citadel was ruled by a powerful sorceress, who used her powers to uproot her lands, sending them into the sky in search of the ones who had stolen the orb. The sorceress had the appearance of a great furred gargoyle with massive bat wings, dressed in a noble lady's finest gown and hennin. Her face was always under a mask or veil, her once pristine fur and elegant features ravaged by the curse. Vagarious sorceress, filled with wrath. Lady Eufemia Darigan was the namesake of the citadel and the line of sorcerors she descended from. The day came close when the sorceress' domain would go to war with their hated enemy...


General Galgarroth
Galgarroth has been Lady Darigan's loyal friend since the two of them were children. He has been serving by her side for many years, and refused to pledge loyalty to Kass during her absence, for which he was punished severely. He continues as a prominent leader of the Citadel.
Darigan's general and old friend, sadly lost to his quest for power. She hasn't seen him since their battle on top of the citadel tower.

Master Vex
The Citadel's prison warden. As the webmaster supports alternatives to prison and punitive imprisonment, we can only hope his workload is light to minimal from now on.

When Darigan was young, she sought the aid of Morguss to found the Citadel and rise to power. Seeking finish Darigan's mission of revenge, Morguss allied with Kass during the second invasion of Meridell.

King Skarl
For his role in the theft of the Orb, King Skarl is still distrusted. Darigan is watching him with a keen eye.

A promising young magician in Meridell's court. She helped Lady Darigan untangle the curse left by the Orb's theft. One day, the Citadel will recover thanks to her efforts.

Citadel Tower

The Citadel Tower dream takes you to Lady Eufemia Darigan's quarters and garden. The Darigan Citadel is currently floating over the land of Meridell. It features imposing black cliffs, black stone towers, and frightening plant life. Currently, the dream is under construction as I source and test patches!


This is a collection of songs I've gathered that characterize Eufemia.
  1. Elfen Lied - Lilium
  2. Nightwish - The End of All Hope
  3. Sopor Aeternus and the Ensemble of Shadows - Vanitas, Va(r)nitas
  4. Sopor Aeternus and the Ensemble of Shadows - Across the Bridge
  5. Nightwish - Beauty of the Beast
  6. Madoka Magica Movie II - She's a Witch
  7. Sopor Aeternus and the Ensemble of Shadows - Our Lady of the Broken Hearts
  8. Toby Fox - Asgore's Theme
  9. Rammstein - Ohne Dich
  10. .hack//SIGN - Aura
  11. Tarja Turunen - I Walk Alone
  12. Helium Vola - Maienzeit
  13. Emilie Autumn - O Mistress Mine


Cursor, purple roses, and background from Lamé Tea Mirror and candle by AngelicHellRaiser.

Eufemia Darigan is based off of Lord Darigan from Neopets.